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With 8 children, 18 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren I need to establish a whole new website.  My family is so amazing and I am proud of each and every one of them.  This website was establish for the sailing community and the dog world.  But that is only a part of our lives.  Beyond anything in life I love and am so proud of each and everyone one of my children and grandchildren. There is no greater joy than when they visit or I get a call saying, “Guess what, Grandma.”


Julie McElroy, my sister



A puppy!  Yikes, Manny and I just got one.  Her name is “Poppy” and she is a Havanese.  Thank you breeder Bill Burns of Burns Gardens for trusting us with this little doll.

BG's Lladro's Poppy Amapola aka "Poppy"

BG’s Lladro’s Poppy Amapola aka “Poppy”

d’Keta Samoyeds began with a vision of Christie and Celinda Cheskawich. Their dream was to produce Samoyeds of great beauty with structural integrity to perform with joy tasks that they were mentally and physically capable of. To be cherished family pets came first and as with many of d’Keta Samoyeds they excelled in Skjoring, Herding, Packing, Sledding and as Therapy dogs. Jim Cheskawich and Ryann Grady were an intregal part of our breeding program and along with Christie and Celinda competed with success in the show ring.

Most of us who have been “in dogs” for any length of time have had out “heart dogs.”  Three that have gone ahead of me to the Rainbow Bridge and will remain in my heart forever are Sabi, Riley, and Jamie.  Still around at 14 is my little Toy Fox Terrier, Collette.  Our cat, Phoebe, rules the roost and is doing her best to tolerate the new puppy, “Poppy.”

Critters for Christie and Manny's website

Sabi, named after NBA Trailblazer Sabonus, was one of the most beautiful males who loved children and had a playful, puppy-like attitude even as he matured. Owned and Loved by Linda Martinson who had another d’Keta male, Aspen, another wonderful boy. Picture by Kathy Lamm, Portland, Oregon

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Riley, Sired by Oakbrook’s Ono who was lost in an airplane having been placed in the wrong compartment, is owned and loved by Jim Cheskawich. Riley was a magnificent moving dog and won Best Puppy at the Samoyed National and 10 years later won Best of Breed in Utah at the Samoyed National Specialty. Pictured several years back is Christie and Riley – Christie in her pajamas and Riley getting lots of love. Riley was shown by Heather Kelly of Oakbrook Samoyeds and Ryann Grady.

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Jamie was my heart. I will very ill when she was just 6 months old and she never left my side. She passed away in my arms at age 14, looking in my eyes and with a big sigh went to sleep. She worked on a sled team for Steve and Cheryl Loper when she was 3 and 4 years old and loved it. It was hard on me to have her away, but this breed is never happier than when they are doing a job. Picture by Kathy Lamm, Portland, Oregon.

Critters for Christie and Manny's website5 Deli

Deli was a fun girl as you can see here in her Halloween costume, thanks to Ryann. Ryann took Deli to a photo shoot in Seattle and Deli is featured in Costco Stores on the Kirkland Band dog food and dog beds. Deli is owned and loved by Tina Clevette. Deli’s litter was very special. Watch for pictures of Doni, a beautiful boy loved and owned by Dr. Ann Brown.


And The Cat, Phoebe…..who will not be denied and rules “Home is Where the Heart Is.”